You Are Beautiful

50000Silver.jpg How are you feeling today?  About your looks? About yourself?  Is your skin tone looking a little uneven?Lips chapped?  Eyes red?  Is your breath a little unfresh? Is your butt too big, or maybe not big enough?  Breasts saggin? Knees baggin?  OK, maybe you do look pretty good today, but couldn’t you stand to look just a wee bit better?

Yes, you there, sitting at your desk ducking the pop-up ads for wrinkle cream, driving down the highway past billboard after billboard, sitting in the subway, watching TV, waiting at the doctor’s office as advertising blip after advertising blip enters your brain.

A steady stream of media messages tell all of us, but especially women, that we are not good enough, lovely enough, smart enough, desirable enough, cool enough, and that the only answer is to buy, buy, buy.  Unfortunately, if the relentless messages of the marketing masters are to be believed, we can never buy enough product to ever get it just right.

It is just those kinds of messages that the creators of the You Are Beautiful sticker project hope to counteract, armed with nothing more than a simple phrase in black text on a silver sticker.  Actually hundreds of thousands of stickers. The goal of their project is to “spread the message to as many individuals, in as many places as possible, simply reminding them of their beauty.”

Since the project begin, they have printed over 500,000 stickers and given them away free.  You can contact them here to get your own stickers and help spread the word.  Alternatively, a pdf download is available for those who want to print their own batch.  They also encourage one and all to create their own You Are Beautiful art and art installations, then send photos to be posted on the project website where examples from around the world are archived.

Just imagine, one day as you are sitting in traffic you glance up at a street sign to see the unexpected rectangular addition that tells you: You Are Beautiful.  And you are.



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