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Jerome Corsi’s Obama Nation Another Regurgitated Hatchet Job

Obama Nation is a hodge-podge of bogus and deceptive “research”, the same old reconstituted lies people have used to attack Barack Obama for years. The book is chockful of factual errors on a wide range of subjects from the year of the Obama’s wedding to African citizenship laws.

I have watched and listened with growing incredulity while the media has treated Jerome Corsi, a known promoter of crackpot manifestoes and easily disproven deceptions, as a serious scholar. The media has willingly swallowed the claims of Corsi and his publisher that his latest “hit” is the culmination of real research. Instead of being given free publicity, Corsi needs to be confronted with his manipulations of reality and his use of questionable sources.

This is the same man who wrote books alleging that George Bush is trying to dissolve our borders with Mexico and Canada, that oil is inexhaustible, and that the government caused the Twin Towers to fall on 9/11. This latest regurgitated hatchet job is no more credible than any of Corsi’s other kooky theories.

As if his published record didn’t say enough about his lack of credibility, it is well-known that Corsi is so bigoted that even other right-wing hatchet men can’t stomach him. The slime commandos pushing Swift Boat smears in 2004 kicked Corsi off their publicity tour due to his history of public religious intolerance and bigotry.

Truly, Obama Nation deserves to be remaindered to the slush pile of history’s regrettable footnotes.