He just doesn’t get it: The Further Adventures of Governor Clueless

Governor Clueless

Slavery? What slavery?

Lord Jesus, stop this man or get me out of this state! Yes, Bumbling Bob is back in the news.  Not satisfied with cutting educational funding while declaring universal pre-k is not essential, now Bob thinks this is a dandy time to declare Confederate History Month. 

Slavery?  What Slavery?  Smiling Bob felt slavery wasn’t “significant enough” to merit his mention.  Please Lord, send one of Jesse James’ or Tiger Woods’ chicks after him.   His tenure as governor can’t end soon enough! 

Did I mention he re-opened 20-some thruway rest areas , a week after gutting education & social programs?  

 Yes, school districts must slash their budgets, cancel alternative programs for at-risk teens, pregnant mothers, and gifted students,  and start firing teachers, staff, and support personnel. 

But, by George, when Americans are out there recreating on Virginia’s highways they won’t have to worry about soiling themselves en route to the next Tea Party rally.  

Not since George “Shrub” Bush became president has an elected official’s image illicited such an immediate negative reaction in me.   Not to mention the emotional wretching his actions provoke.

It seems he has a myriad smug expressions to accompany his incomprehensible actions.

Click here for full story on npr.org:  Governor Clueless is at it again….


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