Halibun: In the Curve of the Crescent

Charlotte is one of favorite writers. I feel she is unsung, so I sing her whenever possible.


We walked along the levee, softly talking, grit crunching beneath our footsteps. A young couple vacated a wooden bench facing the river, walking away in tandem with fingers intertwined. We sat and watched a barge pushed along by a small, blustering tugboat leaving white-capped waves in its’ wake.

Seagulls dipped and skimmed the surface of the water, some emerging with silvery fish wriggling in their beaks. In the distance, the sun settled slowly over the city, glinting golden on steel and concrete skyscrapers while a blush of pink lit the cathedral spire.

Sky and water merge
We, immersed in majesty
The city bewitches


Its Halibun Monday on dVerse Poets Pub. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve participated in their prompts and this one excited me. I’ve never written a Halibun. I read several that were linked to in the prompt and immediately wrote this one, inspired by…

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One response to “Halibun: In the Curve of the Crescent

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Maura! So sweet of you.

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