Children Make You Drink


A Thomas Point of View

It’s true. Children make you drink. Not when they are first-born. Nope, when they can walk and talk. I refused to believe it. I had the first time mommy bliss. You know the delusion that this precious  baby would never cause me stress. Wrong! Truly you may need alcohol to survive years 3-18 or a few “nerve pills” aka Vicodin from the headaches they may cause.

Munch is the best thing that ever happened to me. However, he can work my last dang nerve. Which was the case this week. He worked my nerves and I had to find the strength not to lose it. I was questioning my sanity. I realized that I’m too dang old to have children. I mean I’m 40. “God, please help me!” I cried out in frustration.

Munch and I have talked repeatedly about personal responsibility. He doesn’t have any. What does it mean?…

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