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He just doesn’t get it: The Further Adventures of Governor Clueless

Governor Clueless

Slavery? What slavery?

Lord Jesus, stop this man or get me out of this state! Yes, Bumbling Bob is back in the news.  Not satisfied with cutting educational funding while declaring universal pre-k is not essential, now Bob thinks this is a dandy time to declare Confederate History Month. 

Slavery?  What Slavery?  Smiling Bob felt slavery wasn’t “significant enough” to merit his mention.  Please Lord, send one of Jesse James’ or Tiger Woods’ chicks after him.   His tenure as governor can’t end soon enough! 

Did I mention he re-opened 20-some thruway rest areas , a week after gutting education & social programs?  

 Yes, school districts must slash their budgets, cancel alternative programs for at-risk teens, pregnant mothers, and gifted students,  and start firing teachers, staff, and support personnel. 

But, by George, when Americans are out there recreating on Virginia’s highways they won’t have to worry about soiling themselves en route to the next Tea Party rally.  

Not since George “Shrub” Bush became president has an elected official’s image illicited such an immediate negative reaction in me.   Not to mention the emotional wretching his actions provoke.

It seems he has a myriad smug expressions to accompany his incomprehensible actions.

Click here for full story on npr.org:  Governor Clueless is at it again….


Where is our treasure? Where is our heart?

Education Budget Shortfalls Hit Close to Home

For where your treasure is, there also will be your heart....

Dear Honorable Legislators and Senators,

 I am writing to you because I am concerned about the enormous shortfalls in our state budget, and the huge impact this will have in every school district throughout Virginia. 

 I ‘m a mother of a 6 year old who attends elementary school in Virginia Beach, VA.    Shortfalls in Virginia Beach’s education budget will directly impact my son and his peers. 

 I’m also a highly qualified, highly educated, special education pre-school teacher in the City of Norfolk.   Our superintendent, who just announced his retirement, has made it clear that with a $40 million budget shortfall, which we are facing for the 2010-2011 fiscal year the situation is grave.  I believe it is dire. 

 Our district will be forced to enlarge classes, offer fewer alternative and specialty programs, fewer opportunities for enrichment, and reduce the technical and instructional support provided to our schools. 

 As a teacher, though highly qualified and rewarded with tenure, I have seen my pay freeze at a level that has caused my family hardship. I have had difficulty paying for basic needs, as well as any enriching opportunities I have wanted to offer to my son.  

 I am saddened and angered that I do not have a ready response for my child as to why his talented, educated, experienced and highly motivated mother is not able to enjoy a higher level of monetary success and professional respect. 

 In our country, success and respect often go hand in hand, along with money.  I want my son to know and believe that our society will reward hard work, education, and perseverance.   He knows I worked for eight long years to earn my first degree, a BA, and then went on to earn two more advanced degrees, the most recent while I was pregnant with him and on a fellowship. 

 I want him to see that all my hard work has paid off for both of us, and to be encouraged to continue applying himself, his talents, and aptitudes toward his own education and his own success. 

 Matthew 6:21 reminds us: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” I hope and pray that you will vote for measures that make it clear that both the heart and treasure of our state is invested in education, from pre-k to grade 12 and beyond. 

When it comes to education, the question is: do we pay now, or pay later?  Do we fund education fully and wisely now? Or do we fund more prisons and bare-bones social programs later?  Do we pay highly qualified teachers what they deserve now? Or do we push them into other lucrative positions, only to have to pay more for the problems caused by teacher shortages, lack of morale, and qualifications?  Please consider my words as a mother and a teacher when you face our state’s budget. 

 Thank you, Maura Alia Badji, ECSE, MFA, MS Ed.

What is turning President Obama’s hair silver?

Jerome Corsi’s Obama Nation Another Regurgitated Hatchet Job

Obama Nation is a hodge-podge of bogus and deceptive “research”, the same old reconstituted lies people have used to attack Barack Obama for years. The book is chockful of factual errors on a wide range of subjects from the year of the Obama’s wedding to African citizenship laws.

I have watched and listened with growing incredulity while the media has treated Jerome Corsi, a known promoter of crackpot manifestoes and easily disproven deceptions, as a serious scholar. The media has willingly swallowed the claims of Corsi and his publisher that his latest “hit” is the culmination of real research. Instead of being given free publicity, Corsi needs to be confronted with his manipulations of reality and his use of questionable sources.

This is the same man who wrote books alleging that George Bush is trying to dissolve our borders with Mexico and Canada, that oil is inexhaustible, and that the government caused the Twin Towers to fall on 9/11. This latest regurgitated hatchet job is no more credible than any of Corsi’s other kooky theories.

As if his published record didn’t say enough about his lack of credibility, it is well-known that Corsi is so bigoted that even other right-wing hatchet men can’t stomach him. The slime commandos pushing Swift Boat smears in 2004 kicked Corsi off their publicity tour due to his history of public religious intolerance and bigotry.

Truly, Obama Nation deserves to be remaindered to the slush pile of history’s regrettable footnotes.